ABERTAX Technologies is an independent business in the ABERTAX group of companies. The group was set up to research, design and produce innovative products. It started its operation by assisting BFS 'batterie fuellungs systeme gmbh' www.BSFgmbh.de

Today we have a number of innovative patented products; for use with the Intelligent Battery (IB), the Battery Management Unit (BMU), the Battery Monitoring System (BMS), the Capacitive Level Sensors (CLS) and Gas Release Valves (GRS). All products primarily aimed at use in the battery environment.
Further in our range we offer Magnetic Valves (MV) for industrial cleaning machines and for Roof Tanks / Water Storage Tanks.

Research and Development is an ongoing process with a team of electrical, electronic and chemical engineers with more than 25 years of experience in battery technology. Teamwork and collaboration with the other members of our group www.hitebat.com & www.evmeurope.com ensures we deliver customer satisfaction which is the basis for our success.

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."
Theodore Roosevelt

ABERTAX Technologies is a world leader in its field, with a classic approach to business; our working partnerships with our customers are extremely important to us. The integrity of our products and how we design and manufacture them is fundamental; when ABERTAX was founded in 1999 we pledged to only offer products which were innovative, responded intelligently to the demands of modern industry, and yet complemented and supported the environment.

It's a matter of immense pride to the ABERTAX Technologies team that we have held fast to these values for over a decade.

For more Information go to www.abertax.com

Int. Patent Protection on all Products.
Made in the European Union.