Magnetic Water Inlet Valve for water storage tanks


The ABERTAX Technologies Magnetic Water Inlet Valve
features a float with an embedded magnet that operates
a diaphragm type valve. The rising water level lifts the float.
The magnet inside the float then moves a stainless steel
pilot plunger which closes the valve.

   when the threshold level is reached

   cleaned preventing accumulation of dirt or grits

ABERTAXMagnetic Water Inlet Valve 4 bar 1/2  inch BSP 15mm


Connector male/female 1/2 inch BSP 40mm
Connector male/female 1/2 inch BSP 15mm
Connector male/female 3/4 inch BSP 15mm
Connector male/female 1 inch BSP 15mm

Mechanical Construction

The ABERTAXMagnetic Water Inlet Valve has a glass-reinforced acetal resin body and a
polypropylene float and housing. The armature is made of stainless steel 410/430
and the diaphragm is nitrile rubber. The screws are stainless steel and the magnetic
material is ferrite. The inlet filter is made up of a stainless steel mesh encapsulated
in a plastic housing that can be easily removed for cleaning.

Technical Specifications

Operating pressure: 0.2 bar to 4 bar
Burst pressure: > 15 bar
Suitable fluid: Water

Filter: Stainless steel mesh

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Made in the European Union